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December 2016

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A clean slate.

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I’ve always found something quite cleansing about New Year. A fresh start, another chance at things. It’s all in my head for certain, but either way, I find a lot of solace in the opportunity to begin again.

This weekend the final remnants of Christmas were removed from my flat. I know, I’m perhaps a little hasty in my removal of the colossal tree and homemade bunting, but to me the new year should start afresh. A blank and clean slate ready for what’s to come. As such everything is spick and spank. Fresh sheets are now on the bed, a diffuser with just a slight promise of the spring to come is beginning to cut through cinnamon-spiced air of the festive season and a blank diary lies in wait atop my desk. The possibilities for the year to come are, at this point, absolutely endless.

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A conscious effort.

As summer was coming to a close and the first signs of autumn were beginning to rear their head my mind started to wander towards Christmas. This is certainly not an unusual occurrence; my mind can quite happily spend a great deal of time thinking about Christmas. On this occasion however I was thinking about what it was I would begin to look for to give to those around me and it was there, right then, on that wet Sunday afternoon in September that I decided to try and make as many presents as I could.

For me to gift things that I have made is not all too unusual, in the past it has mostly been a mixture of biscotti, marmalade and chutney, with only the occasional alternative. For Christmas 2016 I wanted to do something different – give something truly different. I quickly had my heart set on making my closest friends their own linen dressing gowns, each completed with their initial to the chest. I won’t lie and say it was an easy task because quite frankly, it wasn’t. After cutting the pattern and producing several rough iterations of the gown, I began work on the final product.

Washed linen in a soft grey hue meant the kimono-like silhouette draped perfectly, its pebbled surface offering an almost dappled effect. Deep cosy pockets and a generous belt, I hope, give it an inviting look overall. Finally an embroidered initial sits to the chest, a series of three tonal grey threads embroidered separately to a raw-edged patch.

This Christmas I made the conscious effort to make things people will hold onto hopefully for a lifetime however they weren’t the only presents I gave, I did purchase many things to sit under the tree. For Christmas 2017 I plan on making absolutely everything that I gift. If the dressing gowns are anything to go by then I have about a month’s rest before I’ll need to dust off my sewing machine.

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Black, White & Hint Of Brass.

The wrapping of Christmas presents deserves a long Sunday afternoon. Christmas songs should be playing, a mince pie should always be on hand and a large pot of coffee must be handily positioned beside the magic tape.

This year it’s all a bit of graphic monochrome. With a touch of brass polka dots.

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