About millergrey

Hello. Welcome to millergrey. Ever since flying the proverbial nest back when I was only eighteen I have always found myself looking for a home. millergrey is something I should have done quite some time ago I feel.

For as long as I can remember I have been happiest when I’m trying to make myself the home I have always been looking for. Whether it is cooking a meal, hunting out furniture or making curtains, it all contributes to getting one step closer to the idealistic vision of home I hold in my mind. One day I will absolutely get there, I’m confident. Until that point I try my best with what I have.

millergrey is where all those things shall collectively arrive. It is mostly for my own benefit that I created this site but if you would also like to check in from time to time, that would be great.



E-mail me  – dan@millergrey.com

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