Christmas Interiors My Home

The first Saturday in December.

  Like clockwork my Christmas tree always goes up on the first Saturday of December. It’s a ritual I’m very particular about and I take it very seriously. I’m going to warn you of this from the get go. The week leading up to Saturday I begin to dust off the decorations from their resting …

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Christmas Fashion & Style Made

A conscious effort.

As summer was coming to a close and the first signs of autumn were beginning to rear their head my mind started to wander towards Christmas. This is certainly not an unusual occurrence; my mind can quite happily spend a great deal of time thinking about Christmas. On this occasion however I was thinking about …

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Christmas Made

Black, White & Hint Of Brass.

The wrapping of Christmas presents deserves a long Sunday afternoon. Christmas songs should be playing, a mince pie should always be on hand and a large pot of coffee must be handily positioned beside the magic tape. This year it’s all a bit of graphic monochrome. With a touch of brass polka dots.

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