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How To Make A 5 Pointed Origami Star

I’ve been making these little paper stars from left over scraps of wrapping paper for a few years now. If you’ve been with me a while, you’ll likely have noticed them in my previous Christmas Wrapping blogs. Each year they sit tucked in the ribbons on my family and friend’s presents, though in past years they’ve always been used to create garlands and tree decorations too. You can double them up and fasten with a brass split pin to create a rosette like affair, or attach them to a simple card to make your own Christmas cards; possibilities are endless.

The pentagonal template you’ll use to create the shapes can likely be cut from your wrapping’s offcuts. If you want to make smaller, or bigger stars, simply scale the shape. Smaller stars would be a little fiddly, but would make use of even the tiniest of wrapping scraps.


Origami Paper Christmas Star

monochrome christmas gift wrapping

A few notes on paper types…

You’ll see I use brown paper a lot for mine, it looks excellent in star form. It can however be a little tricky – you really have to ensure you press your folds down neatly and crisply to ensure they stay. This will help when you get to the stage of bringing it all in together. Flimsy folds will stop this from happening.

It’s best to use a paper that is the same front and back, as the star’s design utilises both in its final form. Wrapping papers with those very helpful square cutting marks on the back aren’t so useful here. Unless you have no issue in them being seen.

They work perfectly with newspaper, magazine pages, kraft paper and most wrapping papers. You can use thicker handmade paper too, but your folds will never be quite as crisp.

You can download the template and a visual step-by-step guide of how to make them at the link below. Over on Instagram you’ll also find an IG:TV done in real time, if you find you need to watch it being done. Don’t be disheartened if your first one isn’t so smooth, I promise after one or two, you’ll get the hang of it and be able to make them easily without even needed the instructions.

If you do make them, be sure to show me how! I’d love to see how they appear in your festive season. You’ll me over on Instagram at @_millergrey

You will need:
The pentagon template below,
Various papers,
A pencil to draw around the template onto your paper,
and scissors to cut out the shape




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