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Lazy days.

I have a lot of love to give to a Sunday morning. I have even more love to give to a sunny Sunday morning. Luckily today the world saw fit to offer up both. There may well be some serious gales accompanying the sunshine, but I’ll take it all the same. I like to get all of life’s duller tasks thoroughly out of the way on a Saturday, meaning I can wake up a spotlessly clean and tidy flat. Armed with a pot of coffee, the Food Network and a fresh book, I predict this Sunday shall be an exceedingly good one.

The book in question is Judith Jones’ memoir. If you’ve ever seen Julie & Julia (if you haven’t, leave the blog immediately and find it please, it’s exactly what your Sunday afternoon needs), she’s the book editor who doesn’t turn up for dinner and whom Julie has a beef bourguignon melt down over. Not only did she bring Julia Child to the forefront of American cooking, she also saw to it that Anne Frank’s diary was published. It sat on a shelf, sad and rejected by her publishing house until she found it and championed its importance.

I can’t say I’m much of a memoir kind of guy, until now I think my memoir reading count is at a solid 1, but I decided to give it a go after listening to an interview with Jones on Food52’s podcast, Burnt Toast. If you have any interest in food or simply just the ramblings of people who love, have a listen. Season 2 will be starting soon. I’ve found that it makes for the perfect listening whilst running, oddly. I focus on the words and stories rather than on my desire to lie on the pavement and sob to myself. Whatever helps.

Speaking of ramblings, I’ll stop now and head back to Judith’s adventures in food. Food related memoir recommendations are wholeheartedly welcomed.

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