Send Some Postal Love: The millergrey Christmas Card Edit


A few weeks ago I asked everyone over on Instagram to answer some questions relating to how they’re planning on approaching Christmas this year. You might have seen last month I laid out how I intend on it being the best Christmas ever, and largely, you all seem to agree.

One of the questions I asked was: “If you don’t normally send Christmas cards, do you plan on doing it this year?” The response to that was that yes, 64% of you were planning on doing just that. Whether or not that pans out, time will only tell, but in response to that overwhelming ‘yes’, here we are.

First of all, let me caveat. I always send Christmas cards. I send them to friends I haven’t seen and I give them to those I have. My family overseas each get one, my family down the road each get one. I like Christmas cards. I like the notion of it and the tradition of it? Spending a little time out of your day to sit and write down thoughts to your friends is quite therapeutic if nothing else. This year however, it feels even more so than ever before, like we should spend time investing in connecting with people we haven’t (or couldn’t) see.

This year’s edit of Christmas cards are largely from smaller independant designers and creators. The cards I’ve chosen to send this year are unquestionably ‘very me’. That’s to say, they’re monochrome, minimal and rather graphic. They are produced by hand in Bristol by a brand called Penguin Ink. Each letterpress card is emblazoned with a monochrome bauble design, highlighted in gold. If you’re after those specific cards for yourself, you’ll find them here. If you’re a tad bolder than me, they’re also available in a festive red.


PenguinInks Bauble Cards

Shoutout to the brand’s owner, Lizzie who included a handwritten ‘thank you’ in the order on an off cut of card. That supports the theme of a lot of the content I’m producing this year. These cards are made from 100% recycled board and are in turn recyclable, as is the packaging they’re supplied in.

If monochromatic baubles aren’t your thing however, perhaps you’ll find your postal love in the edit below.

1. Foiled Penguins Set £15.95 for 6  2. Minimalist Tradition Set £16.95 for 8  3. Let It Snow £5.99 for 3  4. Hurry Down The Chimney £10 for 8  5. The Old Vic at Christmas £3.50 each  6. Luke Edward Hall x RA £6 for 4 7. Merry Christmas To You Mini Cards £12 for 10 8. Pendant Cards £15 for 5 9. Merry & Bright £18 for 6

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