Sofa surfing.

My present sofa has served me faithfully for half a decade. A rather terrifying thought. It’s found itself in the living room of an oddly cottage-like two bed flat in West London and remains present in my white walled Victorian abode. However, lately I just can’t help but feel it’s time for the winds of change to coming a-blowing, bringing with them a new sofa.

To date, I have been a tenant in eleven flats. Until the two most recent of those eleven, they had come oh so delightfully furnished with brown faux-leather sofas. Here are two bits of information about me, yours for free. I despise the colour brown and faux-leather furniture makes me queasy. Don’t forget that, there’ll be a test when you least expect it.

I imagine landlords favour them because they’re –  a) cheap and b) wipe clean. Two things I distinctly never want furniture to be. After the 9th flat I vowed to never have to uncomfortably sit on a faux-leather again, never was I to wince in pain from the brown horror I was confronted with each time I unlocked the door. So it was that I took my first unfurnished flat. The task of furnishing it on my rather measly disposable income however proved somewhat trickier.

Buying a sofa is no easy job. When you actually take some time to think about it, aside from our bed and mattress, is there any other piece of furniture we have more constant interaction with? It should be warm and comforting, inviting and friendly. It is where we should come home and want to sink into, somewhere we feel absolutely content. All of this means there is a lot of pressure behind that decision. What if it’s not right?

I picked my current sofa – a DFS number selected on a boiling hot summer’s afternoon in a bustling showroom on Tottenham Court Road, with the ‘assistance’ of a woman who found my queries about the finance option rather irritating – because it was quite frankly, the only one I could afford. On finance and spread out over five years, the payments amounted to almost nothing every month. That seemed like a good deal to me.

I can’t pretend finding a sofa in DFS to my taste was easy, because it certainly wasn’t. The one I selected came with obnoxiously large throw cushions in a contrasting chenile. They were directly donated to a charity shop. I hope someone somewhere is enjoying those oddly huge cushions, I really do. I personally do not appreciate being told what ‘throw’ (seriously, if you’d thrown one of these, someone could have died) cushions I’ll be having on my own sofa thank you very much.

Anyway, I have digressed yet again. The short story is that sadly it just isn’t all that comfortable. An oddly sloped back and a rather deep bottom cushion makes the body contort oddly in it; perhaps the reason why the sofa is now actually discontinued from the DFS range… Who knows.

So the decision on what exactly shall replace the sofa begins… My mind is boggled. Swoon Editions? The market has opened up quite a lot since that sweaty purchase five years ago and my tastes have altered almost as much. I feel the time is now to opt for something a little more rigid in its shaping? Supportive and strong without being overpowering and uncomfortable. No mean feat.


The contenders.’s beautiful imagery teamed with their ability to nail the exact shade of grey that entices me means I can barely narrow it down. I’m going to reserve falling for the Descartes grey wool sofa until I’ve perched myself on it in their Harrogate showroom very shortly. It certainly looks comfy… and the fact you can clearly take away the button-studded design makes me think it could sit quite nicely in the same.

In the past I have brilliant reviews on the quality of the sofas, so I’m certainly leaning Sofa’s way I have to say. Speak now or forever hold your peace.



Swoon Editions are the front runners when it comes to the shape. Naturally selected in grey wool, the Berlin sofa seems comfy but oddly… strict? The inability to actually perch my cheeks on anything Swoon Editions prior to buying however is making me rather nervous. That’s a lot of money for a potentially uncomfortable wool sofa.



And in the red corner, we have the Tivoli. Are those arms too stiff looking? Are the legs a bit too piddly? It’s a minefield of sofa queries I tell you.



Finally, there is‘s Scott sofa in velvet. Yup. Velvet. ‘Curveball!’ I hear you cry! Well, it is still grey, but yes. Velvet. I’m tempted. Although I am oddly put off by the fact it’s called Scott. Scott the sofa. We’d be renaming that one I feel. Stefan? Sigourney? I’ll give it some thought.

2 thoughts on “Sofa surfing.”

  1. Please can you tell me which sofa you went for??? So tempted to go for something from Swoon but also terrified of parting with £1200 for something I haven’t sat on.

    Would be so grateful for your opinion!

    1. I went for the Nockeby from IKEA in the end! I couldn’t bring myself to buy the Swoon one either… it’s just too risky for me. I know it can be returned if you’re really not happy with it but it just seems like quite a large risk. At least with you’re able to visit the showroom and really get a feel for the pieces. In the end IKEA won out – I went to store a few times, tried it out, played with the fabric swatch and made the decision. Buying a sofa is so hard!

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