Christmas Food Recipe

The Hamper: Crumble Topped Spiced Apple Pies

It’s a little unfathomable to me, but some folk don’t care a mince pie. Something about dried fruit just doesn’t do it for them. Personally, I think they’re crazy, but let’s be inclusive. There are two ways to go about this recipe and either is perfectly acceptable, absolutely no judgement here. You can make your …

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Christmas Cook Recipe

The Hamper: Mulled Pomegranate Gin

Quite early on in the planning of my Christmas content I knew I wanted to do something that might help to create gifts for hampers. There are so many people we might not be able to see or spend time with this Christmas, and not just members of our family. I’d often have Christmas drinks …

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Cook Recipe

A Recipe For Buckwheat Pancakes: Three Ways

  Pancakes, in their more traditional sense, aren’t something I’m too on board with. American-style pancakes with a flavourful twist however, I’m here for. The base recipe of these buckwheat pancakes can be manipulated many ways. If you need it to be sweeter from the outset, add in some maple syrup or honey to your …

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Best Ever Roast Potatoes Recipe
Ate Christmas Food Recipe

How To Make The Best Ever Roast Potatoes.

I firmly believe the roast potato is the King of the Christmas Dinner. Perhaps it’s because I’m a vegetarian and everyone else’s King (the devil on horseback) doesn’t land on my plate, or perhaps it’s just because years of practise, trial and error have lead me to a recipe that creates the perfect roast potatoes, …

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Gill Meller Plum & Star Anise Tart
Ate Cook Food Recipe

A Recipe For Plum & Star Anise Jam

Growing up we had two trees at the bottom of our garden: an apple tree that brought us small, bitter fruit and a plum tree that delivered nothing short of a tonne of plums every single year. Each year my mum would take the plums, stew them and turn them into a simple crumble. There …

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Ate Food

A Recipe For Lemon, Thyme & Pistachio Bundt Cake.

  The tableware and linen used in this post were kindly gifted by The White Company. I don’t know that any taste signifies the arrival of summer quite like the sharp, fresh kick of lemon. Combine that flavour and vibrant colour with a cake and you’ve got yourself the perfect addition to a sun-drenched weekend. …

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