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The 2019 Christmas Decoration Edit.

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Every year I tell myself I don’t ‘need’ any more Christmas decorations. But early November it arrives and that small niggling voice saying ‘go on, just have a quick look at John Lewis’ selection…’ arrives soon after. It’s closely followed by an internal argument about the fact I did actually smash two baubles last New Year’s Eve as I took the tree down, so realistically, I do actually need some more baubles. Thus far however, I’ve been relatively good. Not a single new bauble has been purchased!

I do however now own two new metal wreaths, a star garland, a metal star that serves no real purpose and a series of paper lanterns.


Metal Wreath, £19.99

When it comes to Christmas decorations I’m a little particular, which to most won’t come as any small surprise. I don’t do tinsel. I hear those of you who think it has a retro charm but… well, no. I can’t agree. Tinsel for me drags up memories or scrawny ‘real-look’ Christmas trees adorned with wonky stars made from lolly sticks and Dairylea Triangle containers. That all being said, I’m not sure I have a scheme particularly. The decorations on my tree have been added to for years; a few picked up from a trip to Berlin, some others located in the M&S January sale. It’s a bit of a blended mish-mash of metallic tones, with some white and glass thrown in for good measure.

That’s exactly how I think trees should be! A stylish hodgepodge of things you’ve picked up along the way, evolving over time. If you’re looking to add something new to the tree this year – there are some beauties out there. H&M Home’s decoration game is amazingly strong this year. I fell in love with this brass mistletoe wreath as soon as I laid eyes on it. Not a single dropped needle in sight.


1. Foil Filled Bauble, £8. 2. Foil Filled Bauble, £8. 3. Set Of Four Porcelain Baubles, £19
4. Set Of Four Brass Ornaments, £15 5. Aladdin Sane Bauble, £12.95 6. Set Of Three Brass Ornaments, £10.95
7. Brass Leaf Ornaments, £19 8. White Card Stars, £3.50 9. Anna Wintour Bauble, £18

1. Mistletoe Wreath, £19.99 2. Nordic Star, £35 3. Metal Leaf Garland, £45
4. Bauble Garland, £28 5. Punched Metal Leaves, £3.50 6. Metal Olive Wreath, £16.50

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