The Christmas Gift Wrapping Guide

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I say it pretty much every year, but for me the wrapping is just as important as the present. Seeing a bundle of packages wrapped under the tree makes me infinitely happy and truth be told, so does the wrapping of them. I take it in stages throughout the season, trying to wrap one or two a night so it isn’t too much of an undertaking. I think it’s a tad more enjoyable that way, as well as being a little less overwhelming.

I’ve been posting my Christmas wrapping for quite a few years now; each year having a different theme of sorts. The past two years are actually just as relevant today as they were when I first posted them, both sets of paper are still available and the ideas behind both still stand. So this year you’ll also find them worked back in to hopefully give you a whole host of wrapping ideas.

First up, this year’s scheme. I had an idea in my head of using metallic Washi Tape to add a touch of colour to some monochromatic papers and it went from there. I’ve decided to call it a Merry Chaos because ultimately I think that’s what it’s ended up being! Chaotic, bold, a little bit crazy and a little bit less restrained than my unusual.


I think so long as everything works tonally together, a little chaos is no bad thing. The black and white confetti papers that feature are both from John Lewis’ amazing Christmas wrapping range. They’re great together, mixed and matched with alternating black and white ribbons. The gold confetti dances in the light of the Christmas tree too. It’s a thin paper with a sheen, so if you’re wrapping anything that isn’t a square or rectangle it could be tricky – it will likely tear easily.

The bold black and brown paper striped paper is from H&M Home (also available in red) and is an excellent all-rounder. Sturdy enough to handle some unsticking and re-wrapping if you’re not a master, it’s also provided in a roll of 5m for only £2.99. Bargain. Team it with just about any colour ribbon you’d like and tuck in an origami star to finish it off.

If you want to add the metallic touch like I did all you’ll need is some Washi Tape, a repositionable decorative tape that is available in thousands of variations for as little as £1.99 a roll. It’s great if you really can’t find what you’re looking for colour wise. The stripes of the H&M Home paper made it really easy to follow when taping it down, though it worked just as well on the confetti paper too.


Because one set of stripes wasn’t quite enough, I brought in a white striped number from Paperchase, again trimmed with the metallic Washi Tape. The brown paper of both stripes mean it’s easy to mix in plain brown paper to0; an incredibly cheap yet still amazingly chic way of wrapping any present if you ask me. I don’t think wrapping has to cost a fortune, mix and match papers to use less of the expensive ones.

Tags are something I always struggle with. I don’t like ones that ‘match’ papers personally, so always try and go elsewhere for them. This year I found a pack of wooden baubles in Paperchase and decided with a tester pot of two of paint they’d be perfect. If you want to you could emblazon the recipients initial or name on them so they become something that can be kept and hung on the tree. Both the paper and the baubles are available in store, but unfortunately not online.

Ribbon wise, I never buy from in store. You’ll pay through the nose for it. Instead order from eBay, you can find grosgrain ribbon (like the one used here) for half the price and in much bigger quantities. There are hundreds of sellers with listings currently, available in a wide range of widths. I tend to always go for a thick one and a contrasting thinner one, layering them up to create the two tone look. You can find grosgrain ribbon on eBay here.

If you find tying a bow a little tricky, don’t worry. Tie a not and trim the ends. The small confetti wrapped gift you’ll see in the image below has two ribbons, simply tied in a knot. Still looks chic, right?


So you want amazing wrapping but you don’t really have the time / energy / inclination to be mixing and matching papers, ribbons and present toppers? No problem.

In 2017 I used a set of IKEA paper that included three contrasting patterns of wrap, effectively doing all that leg work for you. Those papers are still available in store now, only £4 for three rolls. That totals 9 metres of paper, likely enough to wrap all of your presents. Bring in some ribbon and quirky tags and you’re all set. The same set also comes in a black version, so if you’re feeling fancy you could mix and match from both.

Contemporary Chiristmas Gift Wrap
Gift Wrapping For Christmas
Contemporary Christmas Gift Wrapping
Origami Paper Christmas Star
Contemporary Christmas Wrapping Idea

Don’t forget IKEA when it comes to Christmas. Their seasonal ranges feature some amazing things and as with everything they do, it all comes in at a good price.

Last year’s scheme was all out monochrome. The base paper was from The White Company and has been brought back for this Christmas too. I love the texture of it, it worked perfectly when teamed with black ribbon and white porcelain decorations used as tags. Add in a few baubles, tied to the bows of your packages with a striped chord. This paper chord came from IKEA, again proving those delightful Swedish folk know exactly how to do Christmas right.

In terms of tape, I’ve said it every year. Use Magic Tape. It’s a no brainer. Not only does it disappear perfectly onto the paper, you can rip it, reposition it, write on it… it’s your new festive friend and I couldn’t recommend enough.


monochrome christmas gift wrapping
monochrome christmas gift wrapping
monochrome christmas gift wrapping
monochrome christmas gift wrapping
monochrome christmas gift wrapping

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