The millergrey Father’s Day Gift Guide 2020

Truth be told, I haven’t been all that inclusionary over here on the blog. I always produce a Mother’s Day Gift Guide but have yet to one for Father’s Day. It isn’t a day I celebrate and therefore I can’t say it enters my head much, which is very selfish isn’t it. So here it is, the 2020 Father’s Day Gift Guide.

Chances are that Father’s Day this year is going to be rather different to those before. It could be you’re not able to see him and so a postal delivery is all you can do, it could be he’s isolating and you need to find something to keep him occupied. Either way, here’s 31 suggestions for the perfect gift.


Eat Up. Drink Up.

Can you go wrong with an edible gift? I think it’s a fairly safe bet personally. This year M&S have upped their hamper game in light of everyone’s need to send gifts, as such you’ll find hampers for the perfect night in the garden (1.) or if he’s a pie kinda guy, try the Pork Pie Hamper (9.)

Biscuteers create amazing edible gifts designed to fit easily through your letter box (8.) or if you’re feeling more elaborate, try the vintage racing gift box. (5.)

Wine, (3. & 4.) just because. Daylesford Farm’s organic vineyard produces an excellent range of wine, including an incredible Provence rose.

When this whole situation began (by situation I clearly refer to Covid-19) the Yorkshire based distillery Cooper King were one of the first business to stop production and move production to hand sanitiser, supplying it to the NHS and other organisations who most needed it. These are exactly the kind of businesses we should be supporting now, so I say invest in a bottle of their Black Cardamon Gin. (7.)


1. Sunset Wine Hamper £40 2. Daily Pour Coffee £12 3. Organic Rose Wine £17.49 4. Organic White Wine £19.99 5. Vintage Race Car Biscuits £45 6. Whisky Infused Chocolates £10 7. Black Cardamom Gin £33 8. Wine & Cheese Letterbox Biscuits £25 9. Pork Pie Hamper £45


Cook House Cook Book £17.99

To The Pa From Afar

If he happens to be stuck in isolation or the type to need something to do at all times, try something a little longer term. From Clay Club boxes for the crafty types (2.) or a monthly book subscription (3.), there’s options for just about every father.

Lockdown has meant so many businesses have learnt to adapt, delivering amazing products right to your door. Why not send a charcuterie board (5.) to join a good bottle of wine?

Pasta Evangelists have been busy adding products to their Not On The High Street store over this period too. You’ll now find 2 (6.) and 3 month gift subscriptions to their service, as well as pasta making kits for those who are a dab hand in the kitchen.

1. Brewdog IPA Selection from £28.95 2. Clay Club Box from £35  3. Book Subscription from £39 4. Brewdog Barnard Castle Eye Test IPA 5. Charcuterie Board £25 6. Pasta Evangelist 2 Month Subscription £35 7. Coffee Subscription £19.95


Mr Black Cold Brew Coffee Liquer £26.90

To The Sophisticated Gent

Some dads are tough it’s true, but has anyone ever not enjoyed a beautifully packaged gift from Molton Brown or Jo Malone London? If you know someone who hasn’t, send them my way. I’ll sort it out.

When it comes to skincare it’s best to keep it nice and simple, Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream (2.) is an icon for a reason. Their Facial Fuel moisturiser is a bestseller for men (4.)

When it comes to fragrance, Jo Malone London’s Whisky & Cedarwood (1.) is one of my absolute favourites. It’s smokey and rich, with the sharpness of the whisky to cut through it. At the other end of the pricing scale, Jo Malone herself’s collaboration with Zara delivers and incredible scent with Ebony Wood (8.). £25.99 for a perfectly packaged gift, you can’t go wrong.


1. Whisky & Cedarwood Cologne £122 2. Ultra Facial Cream from £22 3. Gardener’s Hand Scrub £19.50 4. Facial Fuel £22 5. Tea Tonique Body Wash £9 6. Limited Edition Mimosa & Cardamon Candle £62 7. Geranium Nefertum Gift Set £55 8. Ebony Wood Cologne £25.99


Molton Brown Bath & Shower Gel £22

Molton Brown Vetiver & Grapefruit Cologne £60

To The Dad With Style

Some of you may well be blessed with a dad who has a touch of good style. Indulge it, buy him something to make his lockdown that little be more stylish.

You’ll be hard pushed to find a better, cleaner sneaker than Veja’s. (1.) They also happen to be incredibly comfy. Dads like comfort. If you’ve followed me on Instagram you’ll know I’m all for a snazzy pyjama. These printed M&S numbers (4.)  – teamed with a simple white tee – are the right side of dandy.

I’m loathe to use the word ‘shacket’ as quite frankly it’s bloody awful, but these two shackets (3. & 6.) are great option for your dad if he isn’t the most stylish. Inoffensive in the best way possible.

When this whole affair is offer the chances are your dad might be coming to stay, so see he packs his essentials in fancy too. I’ve had one of these Rains (7.) weekend bags for years. They’re entirely waterproof and light as a feather.


1. White Leather Sneakers £100 2. Zip Neck Polo £25 3. Minimal Harrington Jacket £44.50 4. Printed Pyjama Bottoms £27.50 5. Leather Washbag £40 6. Zipped Overshirt £90 7. Weekend Bag £40


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