Things To Make Isolation Marginally Easier: Music & Podcasts

There is no denying the time we find ourself in currently is a strange one. Working out how to navigate it successfully is going to be tricky and exactly how that looks for everyone individually will be vastly different I’m sure. For me, I’ll still be working as normal, just from home. Though at this moment in time I’ve taken a few days off to try and get myself used to the situation, build a routine and I suppose just process it?

I live on my own and whilst I love that and typically would class myself as someone who is very much happy spending time on their own, the prospect of three (maybe more) weeks not having any kind of human contact is a very odd thing to come to terms with. With that in mind, I thought I’d share some of the things that have been keeping me sane over the past few days, over a series of blog posts. From recipes, food hacks and online resources, to books, music and films I love.

Working out what content is relevant at this time is tricky to say the least. To be honest, I have always hated working from home. I avoid it at all costs, so I’m certainly not going to be given you blog posts filled with tips on how to do it successfully because, well, I’ll be the one reading those blog posts instead.

First up, some things to occupy your ears whilst you’re working, enjoying your one piece of outdoor activity a day, or just looking to pass some quiet time of a lockdown afternoon.


6 Excellent Albums You May Not Have Heard Of


Josef Salvat: Night Swim
Night Swim is one of my favourite albums, I might not listen to it for ages but then I seem to drift back to it. It’s brooding and moody, closing with an incredible cover of Rhianna’s (I say Rhianna’s, but we all know it’s 100% Sia’s being that she wrote it) Diamonds.
Listen To First: Open Season, Paradise & Diamonds
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Ryn Weaver: The Fool
I’ve no idea what happened to Ryn after this album sadly; a second one just never arrived. Pierre is potentially one of my favourite songs, ever. It’s a little bit odd and jumpy, but I quite like how erratic it is.
Listen To First: Pierre, The Fool & Promises
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Troye Sivan: Bloom
I firmly believe Troye Sivan is criminally underrated. Bloom was one of my favourite albums of the year. It’s short and sweet, unlike his equally as good first album, but it’s perfect because of it.
Listen To First: Plum, The Good Side & Animal
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Shura: Nothing’s Real

There’s something about What’s It Gonna Be that makes me feel like it should have been used in a classic 80s soundtrack; during a pivotal moment in The Goonies maybe. It’s a little bit electro and a little bit mellow.
Listen To First: 2Shy, What’s It Gonna Be? & Nothing’s Real
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Janelle Monáe: Dirty Computer 
Okay, potentially more mainstream than the others, but likely still under a lot of radars. Excellent if you’re in the mood for something upbeat. She’s also super cool, so that helps.
Listen To First: Pynk (featuring Grimes), Americans & Crazy, Classic, Life
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Bleachers: Gone Now
The chances are you’ve never heard of Bleachers, but it’s likely you’ve heard of many, many of frontman Jack Antonoff’s pieces. He’s the co-writer and producer of albums from everyone from Lorde, P!nk, Lana Del Rey and Taylor Swift. A few years back he also produced the soundtrack for the film Love, Simon – another great record and a fantastic film.
Listen To First: Don’t Take The Money, I Miss Those Days & Hate That You Know Me
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The millergrey Playlist: Volume 1

Perhaps controversially I’m an Apple Music kind of guy rather than Spotify, so the playlist here has been created on there. I’ve been listening to these album and artists a lot this week, so thought I’d put together a playlist that should keep you going for a while. It’s a mix of all the kinds of music I like to listen to; hopefully with some artists you might not have discovered in there yet, along with a throwback or two.


6 Excellent Podcasts You May Not Have Heard Of

Second Life
I stumbled across this podcast a few months back when Rachel Zoe was the guest. Each episode is a conversation with a woman undertaking a ‘second life’, largely in a business sense. You’ll find entrepreneurs, influencers, fashion designers, models and Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Lopez on the guest list, all discussing how life evolved to include a second stage.
Listen To First: Reese Witherspoon, Eva Chen & Busy Phillips.
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Hosteing with Laura Jackson
Any podcast that features Anna Jones as a guest lands in my ears. Anna (an incredible vegetarian cook) is the guest on the 5th episode. If you like Table Manners, this is a good one for you.
Listen To First: Anna Jones & Stacey Dooley
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Love Stories by Dolly Alderton
I’m pretty sure everyone is aware of Dolly’s other podcast, the High Low, but for me Love Stories is far superior. It’s a real shame Dolly decided to stop it after the second series. Each episode features a guest asked to share their life’s love stories; their first love, an unrequited love, an everlasting love. Sometimes it isn’t a person, sometimes it’s an object or a food. It’s funny and sometimes really touching. Lily Allen’s episode really changed my perception.
Listen To First: Vanessa Kirby, Lily Allen & Stanley Tucci
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Dessert Island Dishes
Margie hasn’t filed a new episode of Desert Island Dishes since October 2019 sadly, but there’s a huge back catalogue to go through still. If you like a food podcast, this is a great one. The dish that you first learnt to cook, the last dish you’d eat before being cast off to the desert island – you know the drill. Guests are themselves usually always in the food realm too; Nadiya, Jack Monroe, Prue Leith…
Listen To First: Nadiya Hussain, Rachel Khoo & Anna Jones
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Dear Joan & Jericha
If you just need something to laugh, this might well be it. It takes the form of two agony aunt/life coaches offering advise and counselling to listeners who write in. It’s rude, hilarious, inappropriate and unlike much else you’ll listen to in that it’s entirely improvised comedy once the ‘reader’s’ letter has been read aloud. It comes from the mind of Julia Davies from Nighty Night, so that should give you a good indication of what’s in store.
Listen To First: Start at episode one and work through them all, for sure
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Opera’s SuperSoul Conversations
There’s very little Opera can’t do in my eyes. I’ll listen to her talk about paint, grass, mud even. Anything. Her voice soothes me no end. Her SuperSoul conversations include guests like Tina Fey (big fan) and Michelle Obama. Most are recorded live during her most recent tour. Give it a go.
Listen To First: Tina Fey, Jennifer Lopez & Michelle Obama
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